Hello and welcome to the official Sunfairy Chrissy website. Whether you are here by chance or because you seek clarity, I deeply appreciate your stopping by. Sunfairy Chrissy offers more than a quick, impersonal reading. She offers powerful and accurate readings on anything you seek clarity on. She also offers natural gemstone jewelry, candles, herbs, statues, ritual kits, ritual boxes, infant memorials for those that have experienced a miscarriage or stll birth and a caring shoulder for all those who need it.

The following is a breakdown of the navigation and where you can best find what you seek.

My Story

This is a great place to get to know more about me as both your psychic medium and who I am in general.


To learn more about the services I provide and what they mean, check out my Abilities page.


Need to get a hold of me? Use the contact link to find out my contact information, or simply send me a message directly from my site.

Baby Shop

For readings, charms, jewelry, candles and ritual boxes all relating to fertility, conception, pregnancy, pregnancy loss and baby(ies), please go to the Baby Shop.

Spiritual Shop

For readings, charms, jewelry, candles and ritual boxes relating to anything else in life, please go to the Spiritual Shop.


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Photo Galleries

View some of the photos of previous jewelry, charms, candles, etc, that have helped countless other people as well as the other products I sell.


In all, I hope to provide an unforgettable experience and long lasting friendship. Order your specialized reading today!